The Grand Canyon Masterpiece

I saw the Grand Canyon with my own eyes for the first time last December. This is a big deal because I lived in Arizona for 2 years in junior high, and I remember seeing posters of the Grand Canyon. I wanted to field trip there, but it never happened. Even though my family drove past the Grand Canyon several times, we never quite made it to the ginormous crevice. At 25, I finally saw it. And let me tell you, if you haven’t seen it yet, it is a must see. The colors, the depth, the layers, and the wildlife are eye candy.


I’ve been thinking about the Grand Canyon lately, which led me to wonder what the term canyon actually means.

Canyon: a deep gorge, typically one with a river flowing through it.

Then, I wondered how was this gorge created?

Answer: water.

Canyon: a deep gorge, typically one with a river flowing through it.

That river flowing through the Grand Canyon was the cause of making it into a ginormous crevice. I was reminded again of how powerful and significant water is to our world and bodies. It symbolizes purity, movement, and life. Water brings change by reshaping the hard earth. Yet, it can be dangerous, taking lives and destroying civilization. It takes on different forms, and we give it many names: ice, mist, rain, snow, sleet, hail, fog. We drink it, dance in it, swim in it, clean with it, and sled on it. It surrounds us by making up 71% of the Earth’s surface. We can’t escape water. We’re made of it. Making up 60% of our bodies, we need it to survive.


So, here I am enjoying the Grand Canyon: the colors, the depth, the layers, and the wildlife. Yet, the mucky Colorado River was the reason the steep walls captivated me. I barely gave it notice. It seemed so small from the top of the canyon.

Water reminds me of God. Like water, he is powerful. He purifies. We need him to live. And like water, he’s at work. Just like the Colorado River reshaping the earth over hundreds of years into the Grand Canyon masterpiece, God is reshaping his children into masterpieces. And I like that. I like knowing that we’re kinda like the Grand Canyon. Complex. Beautiful. Bold. All because of the work of God.

Live free. Live full.



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