Team Minaker to Tunisia

The news is officially out! My husband and I are moving abroad this summer. We are moving to Tunisia!


Here are 10 interesting facts about Tunisia:

  1. Tunisia is located in North Africa. It’s actually the most northern country in Africa. It’s on the Mediterranean Sea!
  2. It’s part of the Arab world. In other words, it’s less Africa-like stereo-typically and more Middle Eastern-like stereo-typically.
  3. About 11.5 million people live in all of Tunisia.
  4. Tunisia’s national language is Arabic (Tunisian Arabic), but French is also widely spoken. I’ve been brushing up on some Francais ! Spanish is way easier!
  5. 99% of the people are Muslim.
  6. Kairouan city, located in inland Tunisia, is the fourth most important city in the Muslim world after Mecca.
  7. The Sahara Desert makes up the southern half of the country. I’m looking forward to riding a camel in the desert!
  8. Tunisia is known for it’s Roman archaeological sites with Carthage being the most popular among tourists.
  9. The first Star Wars was partly filmed in Tunisia. The Tatooine set is still up, and tourists are welcomed to visit. My husband is dying to visit!
  10. Surfing, snorkeling, parasailing, boating, and swimming are common sports done on the coast. It’s actually a hot tourist destinations for Europeans.

I’m looking forward to putting down some roots in foreign soil again. Please pray for us as we embark on this adventure!


Live free. Live full.




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