5 Essentials for the Professional

Here are 5 personal essentials that I think a professional should consider:

  1. A wardrobe that says you are a professional. I’m not showing up to teach in my college hoodie and a messy bun. I aim to be hip but classy and comfortable. I own at least 10 professional dresses that make me feel like a total boss.
  2. An emergency kit that you can keep in your desk. You never know when you need a little assistance. I store a mini mirror, Burt’s Bees chapstick, perfume by JLo, mouthwash, peppermint gum, mints, deodorant, almond lotion, tweezers, a safety pin, a mini sewing kit, feminine products, Clif Bars, and a 5 hour energy drink.
  3. I put my vision for my work into action with a planner, a calendar, pens and stickys. Oh, stickys! I’m pretty sure I’ve killed a few trees already with just my use of stickys this year.
  4. An inspiration board that will remind you of what is important and motivate you to stay on track toward your goals. I love words. Words that motivate and inspire. It helps me to maintain positivity if I’m reminded of my goals and vision. Sometimes having a list to look over helps. But more often, I find inspiration from reading quotes that speak to me. Here’s a recent one: “If you only do what you can do, you’ll never be better than what you are.” Isn’t that just good? Also, art and photographs are visually stimulating. I have a picture of me on the top of Mt. Merapi. It’s a picture that makes me proud. Positive vibes all the way!
  5.  Slippers, a blanket, and a personalized mug with hot tea. I have a coffee maker in my room that I use to make herbal tea I bought in Japan. I bring in mugs that make me happy. One says “One step at a time” and the other says, “She believed she could, so she did”. I keep slippers under my desk for me to wear during my prep time. I also have a throw blanket. I get to school an hour and half before school starts, so it feels wonderful to start the morning off slow and peaceful with a hot drink and comfort.

Those are my personal essentials when it comes to being an educator. If I were to add anything, it would be a portable heater. However, as of lately, my room has been pretty toasty. Also, a good music playlist keeps me perky. What are your essentials?

Live free life full,



9 thoughts on “5 Essentials for the Professional

  1. Subbing in Vancouver, Canada
    1. Professional clothes
    I’m not shy
    to wear a tie
    2. Backpack
    containing pens …
    3. Clipboard with Paper
    draw class layout
    by end of block
    I address everyone
    by name
    4. Plan of Day
    show up hour before
    start of day
    finish notes before bell
    5. Steel Thermos
    with Hot Water
    p l u s
    Lunch in Tupperware
    three slices roast turkey
    blue berries
    greek yogurt
    snap peas
    smile, relax, enjoy
    with each student

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