Are You a Workaholic?

I’ve been around my fair share of individuals who always seem to be working, but they never seem to have any fun. I’ve prided myself on distinctively deciding to live my life full of fun. However, lately I feel like I’ve struggled with this.

During the summer, I made a vow to myself to go all in with my teaching. I wanted to do my best and put forth quality instruction. Here I am 2 months in, and I’m proud of the effort, long hours, and brain sweat I put into my career. Because of this choice of work-ethic, I am confident in my material, policies, and vision for the future. And that confidence feels so good.

Yet, I’m dissatisfied. I find myself putting off fun outings because I could always use another hour or two or three for work. It’s a challenge for me to give myself time and space for pure enjoyment. If I watch a movie instead of grading, I feel sick to my stomach with guilt the following day. Instead of hanging out with my girlfriends, I’d rather stay home and plan next week’s entry tasks.

I catch myself saying, “Once Thanksgiving break comes, I’ll get in touch with my friends.” or “Once Christmas break comes, I’ll go camping.” Because, of course, people always believe that later will be more convenient. However, I value my relationships and plain and simple fun. And I think we all owe it to ourselves to have plenty of fun. Life is way too short to take it too seriously.

So, I’ve made the decision to say yes to LIVING FREE of overworking and LIVING FULL of joyful adventures in the midst of my teaching career. It doesn’t mean I won’t aim to be a total boss at teaching. It just means I’m okay with taking longer to grade essays, and I’m more okay with saying yes to date nights. Because I’m sure 10 years from now, the essay won’t matter, but my marriage, my relationships, and my happiness will.



9 thoughts on “Are You a Workaholic?

  1. Roberta, your post is such a thoughtful and observant articulation of the inner debate between your own personal dedication to excellence in your profession (teaching) and the determination to have more individual experiences to enjoy. Really nice expression. And, teaching is something that can take up a great deal of time – grading, preparing, responding to student queries, etc. I love that you are re-focusing on being more thoughtful about your own adventures.

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    1. Hi Theresa! Thank you for your thoughtful response. Wow! I feel so encouraged. It’s been a beautiful learning journey with teaching.


  2. I’m constantly struggling between working more and living more. The uncertainty of the future is what makes it difficult. It’s hard to say no to work opportunities because you don’t know when the opportunities will dry up and you’ll wish you had earned more and saved it while you had the chance. But I resent a lot of the time I spend working extra because I should be enjoying life! It’s tough to find a balance.

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    1. Oh my goodness, yes! That’s the constant struggle. I’m aiming at making my work so awesome that I’m enjoying life while at work. It’s tough when it is WORK though. One way I’m working on this is just developing awesome relationships at my work place and not fretting over small roadblocks.


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