28 Things We did in Our 1st Year of Marriage

One Button Photography

Drew and I married on June 28th, 2014.
Here are 28 things we did during our first year of marriage.

  1. Traveled to a foreign country

We didn’t go very far, but we did travel to Victoria B.C. for our honeymoon.

  1. Duet Worship
    We lead worship for youth group and Wednesday night service for about 10 months.
  2. We hosted a family in our home

Our friends Yangqian and Jean stayed with us for about four days in our tiny apartment.

  1. High school teachers

We are the teacher couple. He teaches music and I taught resource this past year.

  1. Debt free

We paid off all student debt, hospital bills, and credit card expenses by month 11.

  1. Bungee jumped

We jumped off a 200ft bridge.

  1. New Hobbies

As a couple we wanted to stay active, thus running, rollerblading, backpacking, hiking, and archery happened.

  1. Lead a sermon together

At a youth service, we spoke on dreaming with God. And today, on our anniversary, we shared about our move to Indonesia and about being led by the Spirit.

  1. Camped at a beach twice

Both times were at Ocean Shores, but we went to different camp sites.

  1. Moved homes 3 times

Each place just got better and better.

  1. Attended 2 ballets

We saw Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Don Quixote and Director’s choice.

  1. Countless choir and band concerts

Drew had somewhere around fifteen concerts.

  1. Endless Restaurants

We love food and we love going out to eat. Our favorite restaurants are Salty’s, Red Robin, Pho, Nautical Nellies, Jazz Alley and China Buffet.

  1. Swam by a waterfall

Ice cold but totally worth it. Drew dived in first and then I went for it.

  1. Slept above a waterfall

The night of our wedding, we stayed at the Columbia Gorge Hotel above Wah-Gwin-Gwin waterfall.

  1. Rented a car

We rented an eco-friendly vehicle to travel around Victoria.

  1. Sold a car

Or more like gifted a car…our Buick was given to a new home.

  1. Road a roller coaster

We went on the Extreme Scream at the Washington State Fair.

  1. Skinny dipped

No details will be enclosed, but we did it.

  1. San Juan Islands

Ferry rides, salmon fishing, and ocean sunsets!

  1. Hot air ballooned

Up, up, and away! What a beautiful experience.

  1. 3 Mariner’s Games

Garlic fries is one of our favorite foods. Yum!

  1. Changed a flat tire

One of our back tires went flat on a Sunday night.

  1. Been in a bridal party

Our wonderful friends, John and Genesis, were married last December. I was the matron of honor and Drew was a groomsmen.

  1. Hosted a yard sale

We attempted to sell all our junk off. Made about $120.

  1. Space Needle

The view was incredible and definitely one of our favorite experiences. Also, one of our favorite restaurants.

  1. Mentored youth

Endless youth group shenanigans on Friday nights.

  1. Revisited the place we said our vows

Today, we spoke at the church we were married, and we closed with a duet of “Holy Spirit”.


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