Why You Should Bungee Jump Daily

Whenever I imagined myself bungee jumping, my stomach would twist and my head would feel dizzy. Things like eating weird insects or traveling alone don’t unnerve me. However, jumping from a ledge, where I could see the place that my brain could splatter, went against my natural instincts. Gory, I know, but it’s an honest description of my thoughts.


Because I feared bungee jumping, I knew that I inevitably was going to do it. How could I live with myself if I didn’t face my fear? As a result, for my golden birthday, my husband and I decided to bungee jump. Drew is terrified of heights and I am terrified of my body turning into a pancake, so bungee jumping appeared to be the perfect solution to overcome our fears.


In a more profound sense, Drew and I are newlyweds who want to do things and go places for God’s purposes. We both felt that bungee jumping symbolized our willingness to trust God.


For example, when God called us to move to Indonesia and give up our comfortable American lifestyle, we chose to jump in and trust that he is our lifeline. In essence, he would be our bungee cord. We don’t have to fret over money, retirement, job security or preserving our mortality. All we have to worry about is jumping in and allowing God to take us where he wants us to go. We are jumping into the plan to move to Indonesia. While we are there, we’ll allow his voice to guide us in how to love others, and we’ll continue to see how he’ll provide our every need.


It’s simple. Yet, just like bungee jumping, it’s often terrifying to jump and enjoy the ride. Speaking from experience, it’s worth it to jump in with God. Even from the simplest requests like asking Him to help you know his character more, he’ll come through. There are no bungee jumping accidents with God. He’s the best bungee cord you could have. When you know God’s character, bungee jumping with him isn’t so scary. In fact, a bridge will seem so nonchalant, you’ll begin to request that you jump off skyscrapers and helicopters. No biggie.


Here are some pictures from our jump.

My favorites are the ones of Drew:

G0206560 G0206572 G0206575 G0206580 G0206583 G0206586

Here’s my jump:

G0256715 G0256717 G0256723 G0256737Alyssa End


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