What People Said About College that Never Happened

Coffee Addict

College students are known to be one of the biggest purchasers of coffee. People told me it was just a matter of time that I would give into the power of caffeine. Others have tried to convince me that coffee is good for me. Just like other beliefs such as dark chocolate and artificial sugars, research shows that no one really knows what they are talking about because the researchers themselves do not agree with each other. The consequences of coffee are stained teeth, bad breath, and unneeded extra calories. As a result, I chose to find my source of energy elsewhere.

Freshman 15
Pizza in Ellensburg
College students are notorious for gaining weight their freshman year of college and struggle for years after to get it off. This is mainly because college students undergo a drastic lifestyle change. They live on campus, they are fed on campus, and they have nothing to do but lounge and “study” on campus. As a result, a college student’s active lifestyle is basically thrown out the window and never to be seen again for quite a few months. Fortunately, I became more interested in long distance running during my college days. I left college 15 pounds less than when I entered. Yes, ladies and gents it is possible.
Collect Debt
Sadly, college tuition is outrageous nowadays. I have heard of people who leave college with crazy amounts of numbers in debt. Praise the Lord I qualified for grants and scholarships to keep me in school for over five years without owing one penny. In addition to the grants and scholarships, I held two part-time jobs and joined the Douglas Honors College to provide me with more financial support. Many people told me I would graduate in debt. Though they meant well, I am thankful I did not shy away from school because of finances.
Sharing my faith in Cambodia
during my fourth year of college
Lose Faith
This is a big one. I cannot count the times I have heard people discuss how young adults who attend college will inevitably lose their faith in God or in the Bible. Yes, public universities teach liberal ideas, but it only made my faith stronger. I think it is important that Christians know the ideas and beliefs of others while making their faith in the Bible their own. Through college and becoming “educated” I still testify that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life even more confidentially and assuredly than I did before I learned more about controversial opinions and ideas.

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