Minakers will Journey to Indonesia

Red dot = Jogja

Drew and I began filling out paperwork about two months ago through Assemblies of God (AG) Ministries. We applied for a year stay in Yogyakarta (Jogja), Indonesia where we want to work alongside Jamie and Tasha Kemp. The Kemps lead the first and only Chi Alpha in Indonesia. Since Drew and I both loved working with college students during our time at Central, we felt stirred to serve with the Chi Alpha in Indo. We also had met the Kemps at the World Mission Summit a couple years ago. Drew felt a lot of peace and excitement about working with Jamie, and I committed to giving a year to Indonesia and praying about a lifetime of serving there.

Yogyakarta or Jogja is located
on the island of Java
The news finally came yesterday after much waiting. We received an email from AG missions confirming our acceptance. During our time in Indonesia, we will be helping at an English Center that was established by the Kemps. The focus is conversational English to help university students become better English speakers while holding intentional and purposeful conversations. There will be A LOT of relationship building. Strong friendships will be made for us to graciously share who we are and what we believe.
First, here is a video about Indonesia that reflects why Drew and I are going.

Here is a video of Jamie Kemp videoing himself walking through the English Center.

Lastly, here is a video of what an opening night at Chi Alpha Indonesia looks like.

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