First 24 Hours in Ensenada, Mexico

It has been a great first impression of Ensenada. Yesterday, I spend most of the day traveling. Becky, the summer staff coordinator, picked Kearstin and I up from the San Diego airport. The other four summer staff members were already here at the Agua Viva camp. Before crossing the boarder, we shopped for last minute things. I pretty much found everything I needed at the Dollar Tree. (MoniQue Scherf would be so proud of my cheapness.) Crossing the board went smooth and quick, much different than I had anticipated. Welcoming us into their country with smiles and “bienvenidos’”, the Mexican boarder patrol was friendly. I was so anxious to just say, “I’m in MEXICO!” And it took only a few minutes to do so after obtaining our visas. We drove through TJ and then along the coast for about an hour. The ride was absolutely beautiful. Sitting in the backseat, I kept thanking God for blessing me with such an adventure.

Becky is super fun. She was so patient with all of my and Kearstin’s questions. She gave us the run down of the coming weeks. We stopped in Ensenada before heading to Agua Viva at a taco shop for dinner. I tasted delicious authentic Mexican carne asada tacos in Mexicofor the first time! Heaven. We drove about twenty minutes out of town to Agua Viva to meet the other summer staff and to move into our cabins. The summer staff team is awesome! Each of them loves the Lord and is so welcoming. We headed for bed shortly after. It was at this time that I remembered a package Jan gave to me. What a beautiful gift! It was full of scriptures to read over the summer. With God’s Word in my head, I went to sleep whispering praises to him. He cares for me so much that he gave me this opportunity to work at Agua Viva. I know God is going to change my heart in so many ways, and I am willing.
Saturdays are free days for the summer staff. So today was a day to explore and relax. I started off the day running for an hour with my coworker, Kira. She gave me a tour of the camp. Later on, the veteran summer interns showed Kearstin and me the city of Ensenada. We drove around in a ’96 Explorer, visiting a lot of shops, monuments, and food stands. I ate a sea snail taco and a famous fish taco for lunch. (My brother, Cody, would be so proud of me!) And no, I’m not sick from the seafood. It was delicious. The rest of the day was a lot of social time with my coworkers. It has been so much fun to get to know them. I laughed a lot, and I can honestly say that I am very excited for this summer. Tomorrow we are attending a Spanish church and then venturing out in town for lunch, and then the work begins for the rest of the week until Saturday. We are hosting a team from California. They are coming to do a construction project in the mornings and then a VBS (Vacation Bible School) in the afternoons. I have never worked construction, so that will be a new experience!
Thank you, again, to all those who are praying. Please continue to pray!
This week please pray for:
-Unity amongst team members
-Open hearts and opportunities to share about Jesus
-Protection against getting bit by a rattlesnake. I guess they have a large population of them this year.
-For me personally to remain in Christ daily.
If you have any questions, please post and I will respond asap!
With lots of love,
P.S. Thanks Mom for buying me a flashlight before I left. We have no electricity in the mornings, and let’s just say that it came in handy.

4 thoughts on “First 24 Hours in Ensenada, Mexico

  1. It's so wonderful to hear all of your stories and how God is working in your life! Hope your time there continues to be as amazing as it is noW! I sure do miss you! Youre in my prayers and thoughts!
    Ps- I am very proud of your thrifty/cheap shopping:)


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